Race naked

Yea, that got your attention.  I know it as been some time since a post and people were wondering if I shit it down.  Nope, still here, just been training my but off for some races and a 7 day bike tour so kind of got behind.

Oh yea, the naked thing.  Well I had an Olympic distance triathlon this weekend and I decided to do something weird.  I went tech naked for he race.  Not actually naked, they frown on that and I frown on that.  Anyway … I found that during my training I seem obsess over the speed and my time and my pace and my heart rate and am I on pace for my goal or a personal record (PR.)  When I do race, I seem to focus on my time and calculating what my finish might be and if I should speed up or slow down.  So this time I decided to race with no watch, no heart rate monitor and no speedometer on the bike.  I just raced.  Went off how I felt.

I also decided to go no wetsuit even thought the water was at 70 degrees and it was wetsuit legal.  I just didn’t feel like lugging all of that to the race.  So I showed up with my bike, my shoes, a swim cap and goggles.  That’s it.  Now once I hit that water, I thought I would regret the wetsuit.  It definitely gives a buoyancy advantage, and provides some insulation but after the first 5 minutes I could not feel the cold anymore so I just swam.  I got out of the water and wondered how I did.  Didn’t know, no watch, so I felt fine and then got on the bike never thinking about my crappy swim.  It was crappy because I am a crappy swimmer, but I did not obsess about the time I would have to make up on the bike.  I just rode and rode hard.  Never knew how fast I went just that I was passing people.  You will beat me out of the water, but I will catch you on the bike.  And for 22 miles I just rode based on how I felt.  I got to the transition area, dropped my bike, and then then headed out for the run.  No watch so I was not thinking or estimating what my finish would be.  I just ran.  My breathing told me how hard I was going and the fact that I was still passing people.  Normally on a run I hold people off or hold my position, not pass people, but I passed 2 people so I felt good.  After 6.2 miles, I crossed the finish line.  What was my time?  No idea, it was a wave start so you time was based on when you jumped in the water and with no watch, I didn’t know.  I felt good, I could have gone harder, but I didn’t care.  I never pushed too hard just because the watch said so or slowed down because the heart rate monitor said so.  I just raced and then went home feeling good.

However, when the results were posted, I definitely looked.  2:31:27 (1 mile swim, 22 mile bike and 6.2 mile run).  8th overall and 2nd in my age group.  It was my second fastest race to date.  Might have to go naked more often.

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